Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Amesbury Photos: Salisbury Plains and Old Corner Cemetery

Today I stopped by to reshoot Salisbury Plains Cemetery. It's been a few years since my last visit so I thought I'd update the photos and check out the condition. It hasn't improved much, there are still lots of broken stones and some landscaping to be done. But there were some interesting replacement markers that had been placed since my last visit. They were placed next to the original stones for a few of the early Clough family members and each had carvings that reflected the style of the carvers at the time of their death. On the back of each was a small plaque that noted the people whom the gravestones were donated in memory of on behalf of their family. I thought it was a great concept, both for helping to restore the cemetery and give a lasting gift in memory of a lover of genealogy who has passed on. View all the latest and the old photos at

I also stopped by the Old Corner Cemetery for the first time. It was established in 1772 and has many interesting gravestones. But it's in horrible shape. The grounds are littered with broken stones. Some are stacked up in piles. But it's filled with the old ancestors of Amesbury along with some unique carvings and Revolutionary War veterans. View all photos at

Last weekend I came across the Bridge St. Cemetery in West Newbury, MA. I took some photos but the older gravestones were shadowed so I'll have to go back another day. They're at

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