Friday, August 10, 2007

Stowe Vermont, Biddeford Maine, Site Changes

A few weeks ago we were camping in Vermont near Stowe, so of course I had to visit a cemetery while I was up there. The Old Yard/Center Cemetery is in the heart of Stowe, and it was very tidy. There were some definite differences from the cemeteries here on the coast. Such as the frequent use of "The Grave of..." as an opener and marble caps on top of some of the stones.

They also had an interesting iron gravestone with what appeared to once been a portrait behind glass, but has since been shattered so its tough to tell.

On a random drive last weekend we happened by Woodlawn Cemetery in Biddeford Maine. It's a very large cemetery, and was a very hot day so I only got a few hundred shots as opposed to the thousand or so needed.

I've also decided to eliminate the EList and switch to Blogging instead. Everyone can receive updates when the Blog is updated just like a newsletter. Easier all around.

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