Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Congregational Church Cemetery, Kittery Point, Maine

Sunday I took a trip across the bridge up Route 103 to revisit the First Congregational Church Cemetery in Kittery Point, ME. The drive itself is a common one for me on weekends, but it had been a while since I had photographed that cemetery and since I wasn’t happy with the quality of the photos so I decided to replace them.

If I had an award to give any town or caretaker for cemetery upkeep and beautification, it would be this one. This particular cemetery does have the advantage of being in a picturesque location. It rests on a sharp bend overlooking the ocean where it meets Portsmouth Harbor.

It’s neighboring structures add to the antique quaintness as well. Across the street stands the First Congregational Church, established in 1714 with the original parsonage in the back and on the opposite site of the street is the gorgeous Georgian-style Lady Pepperell Mansion, built about 1760.

To add to the already teeming beauty of the area, they’ve added a large memorial garden that was full of blooms and butterflies. The flowers were carefully arranged around large granite boulders and a slate-stone path, which was the same color as many of the older slate gravestones.

And not only was the grass well kept, they had a sprinkler going to compete with the lack of rain lately.

As for the occupants, we have the Whipples, the Crew of the brig Hattie Eaton, the husband and family of author Celia Laighton Thaxter, and many Civil War and Revolutionary War veterans.

This burying ground gets an A+. To view the main page of this gallery, visit


Meara said...

People should read this.

Anonymous said...

I agree...this is a beautiful spot. Well written and photographed. A plus indeed!

elayne said...

Thank you for the rewarding article regarding our cemetery.
Much work goes into the upkeep and care of the cemetery on the coast of Maine. Nelson Paine has been doing the lawns for years now. Elayne Paine and Susan Tennant, local gardeners do all the work in the memorial gardens. We are delighted to read that they are appreciated.